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Are you missing a few teeth?


Gaps in the smile can make some people very self-conscious. Fortunately, there are options available to restore your smile to look as good or better than it was before. One of those options is partial dentures, also known simply as "partials".


What Are Partial Dentures?


Now, when you hear the word "denture", you may have visions of a full set of dentures, or "false teeth" floating in a cup on your Grandpa's bedside table. Full dentures replace all the teeth on either the upper or lower jaw. Partial dentures are a bit different compared to a full set.


A partial denture is designed to replace one or more missing teeth, instead of all the teeth on the jaw. The partial starts with a framework made from plastic or a mixture of metal and plastic. The framework fits around the remaining healthy teeth. The false teeth, which fill in the gaps, are attached to this framework.


Partial dentures are not the same as a bridge. A bridge is a permanent installation of false teeth instead of a removable one. In contrast, the partial denture is completely removable and requires no bonding.


The Procedure for Getting a Partial Denture


The dentist is going to need to evaluate your dental health and the structure of your remaining teeth before proceeding with the partial denture. You will need to have x-rays taken so the dentist can verify that your remaining teeth are strong enough to brace the partial. If everything looks good, the dentist will sit down and go over the options available for you.


After the evaluation, your first appointment will involve taking an impression of the jaw where you need the partial denture. After getting you comfortable in the chair, the dentist will insert a specially designed tray, filled with impression compounding material, into your mouth. The impression material will conform to your existing teeth and the surrounding tissue.


Once the impression material cures, it will be used to create a 3D model of your mouth.


That model is what the dental lab will use to create your new partial denture.


The denture specialists will select teeth that are as close as possible to your existing teeth in color and size so that your smile looks natural when you are wearing the partial. They will set these new teeth into place and then build the framework around them. The framework is usually a mixture of metal and acrylic to provide a strong, stable platform for the new teeth.


After the denture construction is complete, it is time for your next appointment. That is when you get your new partial. The dentist is going to insert the new denture and fit it to your mouth. This involves making fine adjustments to the denture appliance to ensure a comfortable, yet tight fit. You walk out of this appointment with your new smile in place.


You may have to go back a time or two to have some adjustments made to the denture for maximum comfort.


If you're looking for partial dentures in Amarillo, Texas, you need to talk with the professionals at Panhandle Dental. They have an in-house denture lab that can get your new teeth done quickly, so you can get back to life with a smile on your face. Give us a call today.


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