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Panhandle Dental is fabricating porcelain crowns in Amarillo, Texas utilizing our Cerec In-Lab Milling System. Our experienced Amarillo Dentists have a passion for healthy smiles that makes us an excellent choice for cosmetic and re-constructive dental procedures.  The application of dental crowns is a common occurrence in the field of dentistry so we thought you might like to learn more about the advantages of porcelain crowns. We are now able to offer you a same day experience using the Cerec In-Lab Milling System.


3 Advantages to Porcelain Crowns


If you've decided to get porcelain crowns in Amarillo, Texas, you want to know you're making the best choice for your dental needs.  Porcelain crowns are considered the most natural looking of the dental crown options. They also protect your teeth from wear and tear, as well as sensitivity. Advantages of porcelain crowns in Amarillo, Texas include:


  • The most natural look and feel. If you take a close look at beautiful natural teeth, you'll notice they aren't 100% opaque. A little light shines through the teeth, and a little light is reflected back at you, which is why a beautiful smile has a special "glow".  Of all of the various materials used for dental crowns, such as metals, ceramic, and resin, porcelain is the best at mimicking the natural play of light on teeth.  Your porcelain crowns  made by Panhandle Dental will look, and feel, natural.


  • They are strong.  One of the most common uses of a dental crown, after protecting a filling, is to provide structural support  for a damaged tooth, or teeth that are showing the signs of excessive wear and tear.  Porcelain is a strong material and when proper oral hygiene is observed, your porcelain crowns will last as long as 15 years!


  • Say goodbye to extreme sensitivity.  When the enamel on natural teeth is worn down, or eroded by diet and/or medications, the nerves inside the teeth are more exposed.  This can create discomfort for many people who experience extreme sensitivity to hot and cold foods or beverages.  It can even become uncomfortable to brush your teeth.  Porcelain crowns will help to protect those sensitive dental nerves and allow you to be more comfortable during everyday activities.


Porcelain crowns from Panhandle Dental are the most natural-looking dental crown option to provide your teeth the support they need to remain healthy and strong.  If you are interested in learning more about porcelain crowns, contact Panhandle Dental for a consultation with Dr. Tom Carr today.  You deserve a smile that glows!

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