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At Panhandle Dental, our mission is to take the dread out of dentistry. One way we do that is to provide excellent dental care that is both safe, affordable, and efficient. Our same day Cerec Crowns are a perfect example of how our attention to patient-oriented dental care will have you in, out, and smiling within just a matter of hours.


What are Cerec Crowns?


Cerec crowns are a benefit of the technological era and are now available in Amarillo Texas. 3-D imaging, computer technology, and in-house manufacturing have merged. We can design teeth to match, or improve, the ones you have. Whether your needs are functional, as in the case of crowns, or cosmetic, such as veneers, Cerec technology ensures you spend less time in the dentist chair and more time enjoying a mouth full of healthy teeth.


How are Cerec Crowns Made?


If you have ever needed a crown in the past, you probably remember it as a series of appointments and visits for an involved, multi-step procedure. That has all changed here at Panhandle Dental. When you get Cerec crowns, the procedure will change your attitude about needing a crown and provide you with a smile that you can be proud of.


When you get Panhandle Dental's Cerec Crowns in Amarillo, Texas, it's a revolutionary 3-step experience:


  • 3-D Imaging: We will take a 3-D image of your tooth which will be stored in the CEREC computer.


  • Design. The Amarillo dentist will use that 3-D image of your tooth and design a crown that will almost perfectly replicate the part of the tooth that was damaged/ removed by the cavity.


  • Application. Once your custom crown has been made to match the existing size and shape of existing teeth, the dentist will apply your new crown(s) the very same day!


This exciting new technology will leave you with teeth that look as good, or better, than the originals.


Cerec Crowns Affordable?

Getting Cerec crowns is affordable. A one day procedure means less time in the dentist chair, fewer disposable materials, and eliminates the laboratory costs that were a part of traditional crowns. Add the additional savings from multiple trips to the dentist, lost work time, and our office visit fees, and it becomes even more affordable.


If you are interested in learning how you can get Cerec crowns in Amarillo, Texas, Contact Dr. Tom Carr, D.D.S. for a consultation.


We help our patients smile out loud!

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